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Posted: April 12, 2017

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Teen Spring Break Challenge: PODCASTS

As part of the Teen Spring Break Challenge, the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is challenging participants to spend one hour of their spring break listening to a podcast.  While teens can listen to any podcast they like, those unfamiliar with podcasts may not know where to start.  Below are some podcasts picked by TAB, along with links of where to listen to them.


Fact is scarier than fiction in this podcast, which features stories of true crimes.  Each episode delves into shocking, strange, and unsolved cases.



For fans of non-fiction horror stories, this podcast examines the darker sides of history and folklore.  Each episode features multiple stories following a common theme, and each story has been thoroughly researched to provide listeners with historically accurate information.  Topics include creatures of folklore such as vampires, ghosts, and the infamous Jersey Devil.



This podcast lets listeners explore a criminal case over the course of 12 episodes.  Season One focuses on the 1999 murder case of high school student Hae Min Lee, and the narrative of the story will leave listeners wanting to learn more.


Stuff You Missed in History Class

Just as the title suggests, this podcast talks about all of the stuff you’ve probably never been taught in history class.  Topics include the failed attempt to introduce hippos to America as a source of protein, the mysterious death of a woman in 1883 who was trampled to death by a camel she came across in the Arizona desert, and a Canadian pig who almost sparked a war between the USA and Great Britain.


Stuff You Should Know

This popular podcast provides listeners with interesting facts on a variety of different topics, including pop culture, history, science, urban legends, and even conspiracy theories.  It’s a fun and educational podcast that leaves listeners with a basic knowledge of whatever subject is being covered in a particular episode.


Welcome to Night Vale

This podcast is presented in the style of community radio for the small desert town of Night Vale.  Reporting strange events that occur in the town, the show also has ‘typical’ news segments featuring weather, community events, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, and friendly reminders to avoid the strange hooded figures who inhabit the dog park.

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