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Look through recommended book lists to find your next great read, and then download it directly through one of our online book resources.

Find your next great read! Browse recommended book lists or look up a book you enjoyed and find similar titles and similar authors. See the description of a title as well as the genre and pace & tone, and search for more reading material based on what you like reading.

eBooks for kids! Includes include animated talking picture books, books in English and French, read-alongs, non-fiction books and National Geographic Videos.

Canadian Book Review Annual
The Canadian Book Review Annual (CBRA) provides Canadians with an evaluation guide to all the English-language, Canadian-authored scholarly, reference, trade, children's, and youth books published in Canada each year.

With a focus on eBooks, cloudLibrary has an easy-to-use app or computer program so you can locate books quickly. cloudLibrary also has a selection of audiobooks.

What's the hoopla? Hoopla has a collection of streamable movies, music CDs, eBooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and more!