Collins Writing Contest

White bird flying into the distance on a blue background

30th Annual Collins Writing Contest:  Flight

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Collins Writing Contest!

Our awards ceremony will be held Saturday, June 16 at 2:00 pm.

Grades 1-3

First: The Kiwi Bird that Wished He Could Fly by Erin Baker
Second: Flying to the Rescue by Jadzia Smith
Third: Birds Fly by Micah Hildebrant
Honourable Mention: My First Time on a Plane by Delaney Wiens
Honourable Mention: Scotty and Sam’s Adventure by Jordan Cartwright

Grades 4-6

First: Feathered by Katelyn Hildebrant
Second: First Time to Live by Rachel Thome
Third: A Flight to a New Life by Naila Linus
Honourable Mention: The First Man on the Moon by Vaughn Stefan
Honourable Mention: The Girl and the Blue Carpet by Aleah Schall

Grades 7-9

First: To Fly Away by Miriam Barreth
Second: Balloons by Tyra Meek
Third: Event Horizon by Duncan Kitzmann

Grades 10-12

First: The History Maker by Andrea Dedio
Second: Without You by Gabrielle Mycroft
Third: Alfred Said I Could Fly by Nathan Rempel


First: The Ferryman’s Price by Mikayla Jacques
Second: Life Remains by Jordy Wiens
Third: Soul Migration by Sue Farrell Holler


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