LIBRICON 2018 - Saturday, October 13

Thanks for joining us for LibriCon this year, and congratulations to all of our contest winners!

Fanfic Contest

13 to 18: Redeemed - Jessica Nguyen

19+: Guard Duty - Colten Meyer

Fanart Contest

6 to 12: Wonder Woman - Olivia Irvine

13 to 18: Find your Favorite - Zarah Ray

19+: Loki Imprisoned - Salena Power

Trivia Contest

Set Phasers to Guess (group name) - Brett Plaxton

Cosplay Contest

12 and Under: #21 - Omega from Fortnite - Daxon Provencher

13 to 18: #28 - Tinuen Ithil from  D&D - Jacqueline Plouffe

Adult: #29 - Mega Houndoom from Pokemon - Megan Gulick

Professional: #9 - Wolf Shaman - CJ

Group: #5 - L & Light Yagami - Aidan and Ryan Doris

Judge's Choice: #26 - Madoka Kaname, Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Isabelle Langlois


To see photos from LibriCon 2018, please check the Facebook Album by MAJ Photography.


LibriCon is the GPPL's award-winning annual fan convention. The event draws inspiration from larger comic conventions that celebrate mainstream pop culture including comics, movies, and science fiction.  LibriCon started in 2014 with around 300 attendees, and grew to nearly 500 in 2015.

Photo: Maj Photography.
GPPL’s mandate is to enrich, inform and engage the community by providing resources that promote discovery, lifelong learning, and leisure pursuits. This event does that and more. We are so proud of the creativity of our staff and thrilled to see how the community embraces LibriCon each year.” Maureen Curry, Library Director