Collins Writing Contest Winners

May 11, 2017

2017 marks the 29th year of the Collins Writing Contest, organized by GPPL to support and encourage local literary talent. 

Monsters, the theme for 2017, engaged the creativity and imagination of over 200 writers.  It was a tough job for the judges to narrow the entries down to a list of winners. 

Winners & Honorable Mentions:

Grades 1-3

First: The Monster in My Toy Box by Naila Linus

Second: The Monster Attackby Vincent Jantz

Third: The Adventures of Fluffy and the Snow Monster by Erin Baker

Grades 4-6

First: The Man on My Heels by Trista Mannix

Second: Not You’re Typical Monster by Samantha Cooney

Third: Monster Under My Bed by Iva Henheffer

Honourable Mention: That Monster Under My Bed by Hannah E. Wiens

Honourable Mention: The Notebook by Koen J. Maurer

Grades 7-9 

First: His Name Was Tyson by Megan Pettyjohn

Second: Inevitable Fate by Emily Beaulieu

Third: The Darkness We Carry by Emma Victoria Reyes

Honourable Mention: Least of the Evils by Renan Mendoza

Honourable Mention: Justification of the Means by Noah Ruxton

Grades 10-12

First: The Calico by Kara Nelson

Second: Exo by Celeste Hayden

Third: Skin Deep by Heide Adham

Honourable Mention: Symbol of Pain, Monster Within by Josie Leighann Kjemhus


First: Mishipeshu by Marissa Trarback

Second: The Crystal Wars by Judy J. Dettling

Third: The Blank Slate by Jordy Wiens

Honourable Mention: Terror and Triumph by Corinne Cowan

Honourable Mention: Jay by Sherrie Bouchard 


The first, second, and third place winners in each category will receive a cash prize.  Each winner, including any honourable mentions, will receive a copy of the anthology of the winning stories.

You are invited to the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 10 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm in the Rotary Community Room.