LyndaLibrary: New Online Course Resource

November 13, 2017

GPPL is excited to offer LyndaLibrary, the Library version of the popular With LyndaLibrary you can learn skills for personal and professional growth on a variety of subjects.  LyndaLibrary especially caters towards learning software, technology, creative, and business skills through providing access to a wide collection of engaging video tutorials led by experts in the field.

Topics include: Microsoft Office / Excel / Word / Powerpoint (etc), AutoCAD, Photoshop, web design, music editing, and much, much more.  

LyndaLibrary offers career paths with video collections that take you through the process of learning a topic from start to finish as well as shorter instructional videos for learners looking for a specific topic.  Check out basic skill tutorials aimed at beginners, or advanced courses for professionals.

Try it out today for free with your GPPL card