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Want to buy the items available for sale through our Customer Services Desk? Email with the names of the items you want and we'll send you an invoice back. Pay online over PayPal or in person while picking up the item. We'll also arrange Curbside Pick-Up time for you.

GPPL Masks: $10

GPPL Bags: $12

Other Items:

Banned Book Pouch: $15

When in Doubt Go To The Library Pouch: $15

Cat v. Dog Pouch: $15

Book Nerd Mask: $12

Sunset Book Mask: $12

Book Nerd Hat (teal & black): $15

Bookshelf Hat (yellow): $15

Harry Potter - Books Turn Muggles into Wizards Socks: $15

Banned Books Socks: $15 (S & L sizes available)

Star Wars - Read. It's Our Only Hope Socks: $15 (S & L sizes available)

Harry Potter - Gryffindor Socks: $15

Harry Potter - Ron Sweater Socks: $15

Harry Potter - Harry Sweater Socks: $15

You Crafty B*tch Socks (uncensored on actual socks): $15

Pride Card Catalogue Socks: $15


The Little Prince Socks: $15

Harry Potter Crest Socks: $15

Cute, But Psycho Socks: $15

You're So Darn Pretty Socks (uncensored on actual socks): $15

Star Wars - Read. It Is Your Destiny Socks: $15

Star Wars - Read. And the Force Is With You Socks: $15

Harry Potter - House Socks: $15

Go Away I'm Introverting Socks: $15 SOLD


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake Set: $25

Tree of Life Bag: $20

Dreamcatcher Bag: $20