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Posted: June 3, 2019

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Camp is in Session…

For the MacAllister, family camp was not just something that happened for a week or two each summer, it was their lives.  The five MacAllister children, Ryan, Margaux, Mary, Kate and Liddie, grew up at camp.

After the sudden death of their parents the five siblings return to Camp Macaw for one last Labour Day weekend, to read their father’s will and have a memorial for their parents with all the lifetime campers.  This would be the first time in almost twenty years all the MacAllister children would be at Camp. 

On Friday night as everyone gathers in the old family home, the siblings learn the property on which the camp sits was left in co-ownership to them with one unusual exception.  This exception is explained in the last letter Mr. MacAllister’s wrote to his children:

“Camp Macaw suffered a terrible tragedy twenty years ago.  The police consider it unsolved.  Over the years, however, I’ve come to believe that it was perpetrated by one of you.  This hasn’t been an easy thing to accept – that one of our children could be responsible for what was done to that innocent girl – but accept it I must.” (I’ll Never Tell, p. 66)

Because of their father’s belief one of his children was involved in a tragic accident that happened at Camp twenty years ago, the siblings will need to vote not only on whether to keep or sell the camp but whether one of them will even inherit a share of the property.  To make this decision they all must relive the night of the tragic accident as they search to find out what happened to Amanda Holmes?

Each member of the MacAllister family has their own secrets about that night and their own reasons for keeping these secrets, even from their family.  But as the weekend continues and the deadline for the vote looms will these secrets finally be exposed or will they drive this family further apart? I’ll never tell.

Look for I’ll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie coming soon to GPPL.  Place your hold now!

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