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Posted: February 14, 2018

Category: Staff Picks

Sylvie and Dan have been together 10 years; they have twin daughters, jobs they love and a house in the suburbs, you could say life has been pretty good to them.  “Ten years.  It’s such an achievement.  It feels like a mountain that we’ve scrambled to the top of.  I mean, it’s a whole decade... it’s practically a lifetime.” P. 15

But on the day of their 10 year anniversary, during a routine medical check-up for health insurance purposes, Sylvie and Dan get some unexpected news.  Dr. Bamford, their insurance company appointed doctor, is quite interested in the field of longevity studies and he believes Sylvie and Dan should have sixty-eight more years together. 

Sylvie’s response immediately after hearing this news is:

My smile kind of freezes.  The air seems to have gone blurry.  I’m not sure I can breathe properly.
Did he just say--
Sixty-eight more years of marriage? To Dan?
I mean, I love Dan and everything, but …
Sixty-eight more years?” p. 19

If ten years together is practically a lifetime to Sylvie, how are they going to make their marriage last for another sixty-eight years?  Their problem, Sylvie decides, is that they know each other too well and they should start planning little surprises for each other. 

Unfortunately these surprises don’t turn out as planned; some are quite comical while others just turn out horribly wrong.  The surprises have the opposite effect Sylvie had hoped and only seem to drive a wedge between her and Dan.  

Will things work out for Sylvie and Dan in the end? And what happens when Sylvie accidentally uncovers a hidden family secret?  Find out for yourself in Surprise Me the latest novel by author Sophie Kinsella coming soon to GPPL’s adult fiction collection. 

Put a hold on it now!

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