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Posted: June 7, 2017

Category: Staff Picks

For travel journalist Laura “Lo” Blacklock a press pass for the maiden voyage of the super-luxury cruise ship Aurora was a dream assignment.  The cruise did not start the way Lo had planned; she almost misses the departure entirely when her apartment is burglarized and she comes face to face with the perpetrator.  Having her home invaded is an unsettling and traumatic experience for Lo, one that causes her many sleepless nights leading up to the cruise departure date. 

Luckily for Lo, her passport was one thing that was not taken by the burglar which allows her to still make it to the ship before departure.  She believes the luxuriousness and the relative safety of the cruise will provide the perfect place for her to rest and relax after her traumatic experience.  The first night on board the Aurora was set to be one of elegance and extravagance; all the guests were expected to dress in their most formal attire.  As Lo is getting ready for the night to come, she realizes she forgot to pack mascara and unsure of where else to look for some, knocks on the door of the cabin next to hers; Cabin 10.  A woman answers her knock and it appears she is also getting ready for the nights activities, in a hurry the woman gives Lo her tube of mascara and quickly closes the door. 

The night progresses as planned, the guests enjoy course after course of the finest food and drinks.  As Lo mingled with the other guests on board, mostly other journalists, she wasn’t able to catch a glimpse of the woman in the next cabin, was she another guest?

By the time Lo makes it back to her room that night, she was admittedly drunk, because if she was drunk enough, she would be finally able to sleep for more than a few hours at a time.  The strategy worked and she fell into a deep sleep, only to be woken by something hours later:

“It was the noise of the veranda door in the next cabin sliding gently open.
  I held my breath, straining to hear.
  And then there was a splash.
  Not a small splash.
  No, this was a big splash.
  The kind of splash made by a body hitting water.” 
  - The Woman in Cabin 10, p. 85

Follow Lo as she attempts to uncover the identity of the mysterious woman in Cabin 10, and exactly what happened on the veranda late at night in the middle of the ocean. 

The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware,is part of GPPL’s adult fiction collection and is currently part of our Most Wanted Collection (June 2017).

Interested in reading The Woman in Cabin 10? Click on the "check our catalogue" link below to place a request on it.

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