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Posted: March 16, 2021

Category: Technology

The magazines you love from RBdigital are now available through the OverDrive/Libby service.

  • They’re always available, and you can find back issues (to the point we purchased the subscription) under the title as well.
  • They don’t count towards your 10 items at a time in OverDrive/Libby.
  • You can search by magazine title or genre, but specific articles don’t show up in the search.
    • Example: If this month’s issue is about Beyonce and you search “Beyonce”, the magazine won’t come up in search results.
  • Magazines are borrowed for 21 days and are then automatically returned.

How to browse magazines on the OverDrive website:

Go to

Click on “Subjects” in the top right cover of the site. You’ll see an option to limit by format: select Magazines.


At this point, you can either select the genre of magazine you like the best or see all magazines.

Click on the title you want and you can either borrow the newest issue or select one of the back issues.

You are only able to read the magazine in your browser window.


How to browse magazines in the Libby app:

The best way we’ve found to do this is to go to the search bar and type in “Magazine”, then you’ll be able to browse titles. Click on the title you want, and you can either borrow the most recent in the series by tapping on the borrow button, or scroll down to the bottom to see back issues you can borrow.

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