Summer Reading Program

Take a virtual trip Around the World this summer with the 2020 Adult Summer Reading Game! 

To register, please email Jenn at with your name, phone number, email address, and library membership number. Registering allows us to track the total number of books you read!

How to Play

For every book you read this summer, your name will be entered into a weekly draw. If your book also fulfills one of our Summer Reading Games Categories, you will receive a bonus entry into the weekly draw. If you read six books by the end of the Summer Reading Games, you will be entered into our grand prize draw, which will take place on August 31. 

After you finish reading your book, email Jenn at with your name, the title of the book, and if it fulfills one of the Summer Reading Games categories. 

Summer Reading Game Categories

1. Title is a place
2. In another country
3. In another world
4. Includes a different language
5. Takes place in a small town
6. On or near the ocean
7. Snow/ mountains
8. Desert or jungle (including the urban jungle)
9. Historical fiction
10. A place you’ve never been and/or want to go
11. Going on a journey, adventure, or quest
12. Non-fiction
13. Includes a different culture
14. Poetry
15. Includes multiple countries or destinations
16. Based on a legend

DOUBLE BONUS: Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne


1. Children’s picture books are not permitted.
2. Audiobooks, graphic novels, and manga are permitted.
3. Participants must reside within the City or County of Grande Prairie, Saddle Hills, or the MD of Greenview.

Questions? Email Jenn at

Audiences: Ages 18+

Dates: Sunday, June 28 to Saturday, August 29


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