Video Game Masterpieces

One of our staff members runs Video Game Masterpiece programs, where he leads participants through the steps in making a video game inspired painting. Here are a few he has painted in the past, plus printable colouring sheets for them and some stencils to paint your own.

Notes regarding stencil image files for Cricut devices:

  1. The stencil image should be 10.5 inches across. You may have to manually change it in Cricut Design Space
  2. These image files are provided as-is. GPPL staff members cannot provide technical support for using them with your Cricut device.

Animal Crossing

A silhouette of a leaf outlining a house with a nearby fruit tree

Animal Crossing - colouring page [PDF - 488 KB]


A bat silhouette reveals a castle in the moonlight

Castlevania - colouring sheet [PDF - 293 KB]


A strange grey alien with rank insignia standing beneath the word "Smaaash!"

Earthbound - colouring sheet [PDF - 542 KB]

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi

R2D2 shows a hologram of Princess Leia

It's not a video game, but it's still part of the same painting series.

Help Me Obi-Wan - colouring sheet [PDF - 197 KB]

Help Me Obi-Wan - stencil file 1 for Cricut devices

Help Me Obi-Wan - stencil file 2 for Circut devices

Help Me Obi-Wan - stencil sheet for printing [PDF - 140 KB]

Help Me Obi-Wan - YouTube video showing painting instructions


A pink blob fires an orange star at a startled-looking tree

Kirby - colouring sheet [PDF - 318 KB]

Mario Kart

Two go-karts driving on a road heading towards 2 angled question blocks in front of mountains

Mario Kart - colouring sheet [PDF - 415 KB]

Mario Kart - stencil file for Cricut devices

Mario Kart - stencil sheet for printing [PDF - 114 KB]

Master Sword

A sword stands in a forest, embedded blade-first in a stone

Master Sword - colouring sheet [PDF - 225 KB]

Master Sword - stencil file for Cricut devices

Master Sword - stencil sheet for printing [PDF - 65 KB]

Master Sword - YouTube video showing painting instructions


A green and red blob monster flies towards a sphere on a ledge

Metroid - colouring sheet [PDF - 165 KB]

Piranha Plant

A monster plant

Piranha Plant - colouring sheet [PDF - 342 KB]


A silhouette of Pikachu

Pokémon - colouring sheet [PDF - 339 KB]

Star Fox

A purple starship does battle with a black and yellow invader

Star Fox - colouring sheet [PDF - 354 KB]

Star Fox - stencil file for Cricut devices

Star Fox - stencil sheet for printing [PDF - 132 KB]

Star Fox - YouTube video showing painting instructions