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Posted: February 15, 2020

Category: Staff Picks

A group of boys stand behind a sign that says "Camp Average"Mack and his friends know the routine at Camp Average. They play the same traditional jokes on their counsellors, perform the proper call and response during the story about the camp’s 1951 championship baseball team, and are generally ready for a great summer.

But things change when the junior camp director announces he has become senior camp director. His replacement is Winston, who tells everyone his parents gave him the name because they knew he’d “win a ton.”

Winston decides the camp needs to focus on intercamp tournaments. So, he forces junior campers to complete athletic aptitude tests, and then compete in a single sport all summer, regardless of what they want to do.

But Mack has a plan. If Winston is so used to winning, what would happen if every team lost every game – badly?

The other campers agree to Mack’s plan, and every junior team loses its first game. In response, Winston orders more practice sessions. Mack is ready to double-down on his losing strategy, but notices his friend Andre, one of the best athletes in the camp, wants to compete for real.

Can Mack convince Andre to stay the course? Can he convince Winston that winning really isn’t everything? Who will give in first, Winston or Mack?

Camp Average by Craig Battle is shelved upstairs, in the juvenile fiction section of the Children’s Department. Its sequel, Camp Average: Double Foul, is scheduled to be published in April 2020.

If you like Camp Average, you may also enjoy I Want to go Home by Gordon Korman. Rudy Miller is forced to attend a summer camp held on an island, and the whole experience is as miserable as he imagined. The food is terrible, the counsellors are seemingly cloned from one another, and the obsession with sports is unbelievable. With no acceptable alternatives, he hatches a plan to escape from the camp and return home for the remainder of the summer. Will any of his plans succeed?

I Want to go Home is shelved upstairs, in the juvenile paperback section of the Children’s Department.

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