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Posted: November 9, 2016

Category: Staff Picks

The cover image for Don't Vote for Me -- a blonde girl poking a dark-haired boy in the chest

It’s election time at Shepherd’s Vale Middle School.  The students must choose a new class president, and as always, Veronica Pritchard-Pratt is the only person to have nominated herself.

Many of the students are resigned to another year of her presidency, but David Grainger has a different reaction.  He rants briefly that it’s time for a change, and to his surprise, the word spreads.

Things happen so quickly that at lunch time, Veronica stands up on a cafeteria table and extends an open invitation for David to challenge her in the election.

David is willing to leave things as they are.  After all, he ranted briefly, didn’t think much of it, and has no plans to actually run for office.  But when he and Veronica are called to meet with the school’s music instructor regarding another matter, Veronica tells David that she’s tired of winning by default and wants an election rival to campaign against.

David isn’t sure, but fate forces his hand.  When he stands in front of the sign-up sheet on the office door thinking about whether to go through with it, Ms. Marsden opens the door, forcing David’s pencil eraser into his eye.  She checks to make sure he is okay then writes his name on the sign-up sheet on his behalf.

David’s friends immediately join his campaign and help produce election posters.  But when they turn out lousy, David is quick to accept Esther’s offer to become his art director.  She works with her stepfather to create an amazing poster made of different mirrors vaguely shaped like David.  With the addition of a quick caption from Riley that says “Your Face, Your Vote,” David has the most effective campaign poster the school has ever seen.

While the election rages on in the background, Veronica and David are forced into regular contact as they work on a duet assigned to them by their music instructor.  David gradually realizes that Veronica really isn’t so bad, but it’s far too late to drop out of the election, and she doesn’t want him to drop out anyway.

Will David make the election a competitive one?  Will the election interfere with Veronica and David’s duet performance?  What happens if David actually wins?

Don’t Vote for Me, by Krista Van Dolzer, is shelved upstairs, in the juvenile fiction section of the Children’s Library.

If you enjoy Don’t Vote for Me, you may also enjoy The Epic Documentary of a Not-Yet-Epic Kid, by Robin Mellom.  At the bus stop on the first day, Trevor’s friend Libby warns him that they’ll no longer be friend friends, and that he has 434 minutes to find a cool date to the fall dance.

According to Libby, without a good date for that dance, his entire social life is in jeopardy.  On that cheerful note, Trevor starts a disastrous first day of middle school.  The Epic Documentary of a Not-Yet-Epic-Kid and its sequels are shelved upstairs, in the juvenile fiction section of the Children’s Library.

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