Book Spotlight: Dragon Pearl

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Posted: November 12, 2019

Category: Staff Picks

Min is a fox spirit, like the rest of her family. She can Charm people to see things that aren’t there and manipulate their emotions. She can shapeshift into anything she wants: a fox, a human, even into inanimate objects like a table. Being a fox spirit would probably be really cool if she were ever allowed to use her powers, but she is not. Min and her family hide their abilities and their true nature because no one wants fox spirits around. Nobody likes fox spirits, not even the other supernatural races like the dragons or the goblins.

Living in hiding Min and her family scratch out a meagre existence on the dusty planet Jinju, and Min can’t wait to leave. She wants to join the Space Forces like her older brother Jun and explore the Thousand Worlds.

When a man comes to their home claiming that Jun has deserted his post to find the mystical Dragon Pearl, Min knows something isn’t right. Her brother would never desert, even for the Dragon Pearl which is said to have the power to terraform worlds and could save Jinju. Eager to find her brother and clear his name, Min runs away from home and finds her skills and abilities tested like never before.

This space opera blended with Korean Mythology is an exciting read, full of pirates, magic, ghosts, space battles, and secrets.

Dragon Pearl is shelved upstairs in the juvenile fiction section of the Children’s Department.

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