Book Spotlight: Lions & Liars

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Posted: August 14, 2019

Category: Staff Picks

Frederick Frederickson has a problem. His friends recently told him that people are like animals. There are the lions (like Devin, the school bully), the gazelles, the meerkats, and finally, the fleas, like Frederick.

Frederick disagrees. He goes on a cruise every year with his family, and so he can’t be a flea. But when he returns home, his mother tells him this year’s cruise is cancelled due to a category 5 hurricane in the area.

With no cruise and even more teasing from his friends, Frederick finds himself desperate to prove he is more of a lion than a flea. Due to a random series of events and a couple of stupid decisions, Frederick stumbles into a camp and is mistaken for one of their missing campers. It isn’t until later he realizes the camp is a disciplinary camp for troubled boys.

Dash, the boy everyone mistakes him for, has a reputation for being the biggest trouble-maker of them all, and Frederick enjoys his new found popularity masquerading as Dash. He even starts to befriend his cabin mates. Life actually starts to seem a little better, but Frederick’s lies start to come undone and the hurricane changes direction and heads for his camp. He and another boy miss the evacuation, and they must face tremendous storms and escaped zoo animals to survive the night on their own.

This book features some illustrations, and is an exciting read about bullying, what it really means to be a friend, and self-discovery. It even has an actual lion!

Lions and Liars, by Kate Beasley, is shelved upstairs in the juvenile fiction section.

Readers may also enjoy Holes by Louis Sachar and Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly, which are both also shelved in the juvenile fiction section.

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