Book Spotlight: Mighty Jack

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Posted: April 6, 2018

Category: Staff Picks

A boy and two girls hold weapons while being surrounded by living plants“I have one more thing to show you, Jack. The thing you’ve been looking for. The thing that will change your life forever.”

It’s summertime. While other kids his age are sleeping in and having fun, Jack is at home babysitting his quiet, autistic little sister, Maddy. His mom has to work two jobs, and that leaves Jack to pick up the slack.

Jack’s quiet summer is turned upside down when Maddy unexpectedly trades the family car for a box of mysterious seeds. The seller promises Jack the seeds will bring him what he wants most. When he and Maddy plant them, their simple garden becomes a jungle overnight, with mud-throwing plants and flesh-eating pumpkins rampaging out of control. The seeds aren’t from their world at all, and the plants they grow are dangerous.

Together with their daredevil neighbour, Lily, they explore the garden’s secrets, as giant snails and super-powered berries turn a boring summer into the adventure of a lifetime.

But when a dragon shows up one night, warning of darkness growing in the heart of the garden, Jack has to make a tough choice. Can he, Maddy, and Lily stop the evil that’s coming? How can Jack tell the difference between something magical and something dangerous? And what does it mean to be mighty?

Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke and its sequel, Mighty Jack and the Goblin King, are shelved in the graphic novels section of the Children’s Department.

If you like Mighty Jack, you might enjoy Out from Boneville by Jeff Smith, or Cleopatra in Space by Mike Maihack. In Out from Boneville, the three Bone cousins are thrown out of their town and tumble headlong into a dangerous valley. Who’s after them, and why?

In Cleopatra in Space, Cleopatra accidentally leaps thousands of years into the future, where she hears of a prophecy that claims she will save the galaxy from an evil tyrant. Both Out from Boneville and Cleopatra in Space are shelved upstairs in the graphic novel section of the Children’s Department.

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