Book Spotlight: Nightbooks

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Posted: February 13, 2019

Category: Staff Picks

Alex Mosher, lover of scary stories, monster movies, and things that go bump in the night is sneaking around his apartment complex when he hears his all time favourite horror movie playing from another apartment. He knows he shouldn’t but he can’t stop himself from knocking on the door. He is invited inside only to discover there is no scary movie playing, or even a television. There is only the witch, Natacha, who has lured him inside in true Hansel and Gretel fashion and she’ll keep him alive as long as he can keep telling her his original scary stories - but he's running out of stories.

Nightbooks by J.A. White is an enchanting but slightly creepy read, with a few of the short stories Alex tells the witch sprinkled in for good measure. It is the perfect amount of scary for a middle grade novel, and the story and the short stories work well together to create a spooky atmosphere and a compelling plot.

Fans of this book may enjoy The Thickety, also by J.A. White and A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz. Both of these can be found in the Juvenile Fiction section.

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