Book Spotlight: Ogre Enchanted

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Posted: March 19, 2019

Category: Staff Picks

Evie is a young healer who just wants to help people. She is in her element treating the ailments of her friends and neighbours. When her best friend and test subject proposes to her out of nowhere, she (kindly) turns him down - but the meddling fairy Lucinda decides to transform her into an ogre. Even though she is only 15 Evie has sixty-two days to accept a marriage proposal, or she’ll be stuck in this form forever. At first Evie is convinced being an ogre won’t be a problem – but then she starts to experience the hunger. Everything and everyone she loves suddenly seems like food. The people she grew up with no longer recognize her, and no one trusts an ogre. Evie is forced accept she has no place among humans, and heads off on an adventure to join an ogre colony – but she doesn’t fit in there either. With her time running out and a horrible illness ravaging the kingdom Evie’s journey of self-discovery is sure to delight fans of fairy tales and adventure stories.

This book is a prequel to Ella Enchanted, so fans of that book and Gail Carson Levine’s other works are sure to enjoy it. Readers may also like Grounded by Megan Morrison and The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley.

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