Book Spotlight: Princess Cora and the Crocodile

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Posted: March 29, 2018

Category: Staff Picks

Girl and crocodile standing behind a sign with the book title, Princess Cora and the CrocodilePrincess Cora and the Crocodile written by Laura Amy Schlitz and illustrated by Brian Floca. Princess Cora was born with pretty pink toes and beautiful blue eyes. But it takes more than that to rule a kingdom well, and so Princess Cora’s anxious parents resolve to teach her how to be a great queen.

Whether she’s skipping rope in the palace dungeon (a princess must be strong), studying for hours in the tower library (a princess must be smart), or taking one of her three daily baths (a princess must be clean), Princess Cora is busy, busy, busy from dawn till dusk.

But even a princess needs a break once in a while. After her parents refuse to let her get a dog to play with, she writes to her fairy godmother for help. Her fairy godmother goes one step further: instead of a dog, Princess Cora wakes up to a crocodile at the foot of her bed. A walking, talking, teeth snapping crocodile, who only rarely eats people and is determined to give Princess Cora a much needed day off.

They agree to switch places for one day. While her crocodile takes on the nanny, king, and queen, Princess Cora gets to run along and have fun for the first time ever.

How do you disguise a crocodile as a princess? What happens when he gets sick of the baths, the lessons, and the jumping jacks, and wants to eat cream puffs instead? Can Princess Cora persuade her parents to loosen up, or will everything go back to the way it was before?

Princess Cora and the Crocodile by Laura Amy Schlitz is shelved upstairs in the juvenile fiction section of the Children’s Department.

If you enjoy Princess Cora and the Crocodile, you might also like The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale or George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

When trouble raises its monstrous head in Hale’s early chapter book, it’s Princess Magnolia to the rescue as her alter-ego, the Princess in Black! But can Magnolia protect her kingdom and her secret identity?

In George’s Marvelous Medicine, George mixes up the perfect remedy for his grumpy grandmother—but the results surprise even him! Both of these books are also available in the Children’s Department.

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