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Posted: December 27, 2017

Category: Staff Picks

Blue and white hockey gloves

Bryan “Rocket” Rockwood is a member of the Oakmont Huskies, a championship AAA hockey team.  When he learns that there will be tryouts for the team for the coming season, Bryan isn’t particularly worried.  He was the team’s leading scorer the previous season, and he was well-liked by his teammates.

But during tryouts, Bryan’s line is only given two minutes on the ice, marked by an unskilled defenceman hitting Bryan illegally.  At the end of the tryouts, the coach cuts Bryan and many other hopefuls from the team.  When Bryan confronts him, the coach tells him that it’s simply a matter of size – Bryan is too short to play AAA hockey on his team.

Bryan returns home despondent.  He convinces his mother to allow him to try out for another AAA team, but he has no better luck there.

In a last-ditch attempt to continue playing competitive hockey, Bryan tries out for the Bowmont Blues, a AA team with zero wins the previous season.  Bryan’s tryout isn’t perfect, but the coach offers him a spot on the team.

Bryan gradually gets to know his new coach and teammates and they start winning games and making an impact on their league.  Then Rocket learns that the Blues will play the Huskies during an upcoming tournament due to a scheduling mix-up.

Can Rocket adapt to playing AA hockey?  Can he make the Blues competitive?  Will the Blues stand a chance against the Huskies?

Rocket Blues and its sequels Last Shot and Ice Time, by David Skuy, are shelved upstairs, in the juvenile paperback section of the Children’s Department.

If you enjoy Rocket Blues, you may also enjoy Scrubs on Skates.  When a new school opens in Winnipeg, star center Pete Gordon is caught up in the new school’s catchment area.  So instead of having a chance to repeat as provincial champions at his old school, he’s forced to play with a group of new players at Northwest.  Can he adjust his attitude and teach Northwest to win?  GPPL does not own Scrubs on Skates, but our staff members would be happy to request a copy from another library for interested readers.

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