Book Spotlight: The Dollar Kids

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Posted: June 12, 2019

Category: Staff Picks

Three kids seen from behind carry various tools and push a wheelbarrow towards a small red two-storyAfter Lowen’s friend dies, Flintock doesn’t feel like home anymore. So when Lowen reads about a town selling houses for a dollar, he tells his family about the program. They enter the house lottery, are selected as one of the winning families, and are able to select their favourite house of the five offered. Everything is great until they visit the house for the first time and realize it’s next door to a funeral home.

In spite of that setback, there’s potential in Millville. Lowen’s mom can finally open the restaurant she’s always wanted, and his oldest brother will have no trouble being a star on the local school teams. But Lowen’s family doesn’t seem to fit in. The local residents keep leaving things on their doorstep, a boy name Dylan wanders in and out of the house freely, Lowen will be forced to play for the school soccer team, and nobody comes to Lowen’s mom’s takeout shop after the first day.

Worse yet, the long-term residents of Millville start using a nickname to refer to the newcomer children: “the dollar kids.” It’s not meant as a compliment, as many long-time residents feel that the dollar kids and their families are having things handed to them and aren’t willing to earn anything themselves.

Can Lowen’s family settle in? Can his mom’s restaurant succeed? Will they ever be accepted by the people of Millville?

The Dollar Kids by Jennifer Jacobsen is shelved upstairs in the juvenile fiction section of the Children’s Department.

If you enjoy The Dollar Kids, you may also enjoy The Doughnut Fix by Jessie Janowitz. When Tristan’s family moves from New York City to the middle of nowhere, the only thing that keeps him going is the legend of a chocolate cream doughnut a townsperson used to make. Will he ever get the recipe for himself? The Doughnut Fix is also shelved in the juvenile fiction section.

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