Read With Me

A child

Dogs love reading! We invite children ages 3 to 8 to drop in to read for 15 minutes with a therapy dog and its handler. Dogs are the perfect non-judgmental audience for beginning and developing readers.

For upcoming program dates, please see our online event calendar.

This program is presented in collaboration with Pet Partners.


GPPL staff members have taken a number of steps to minimize the impact of this program on any library users with dog allergies:

  1. We schedule Read With Me programs in a corner of the Children's Department where the therapy dogs will not block access to library materials.
  2. We have asked the therapy dog handlers to take the shortest direct route to that area when entering and exiting the building.
  3. Montrose Cultural Centre custodians vacuum the area daily.
  4. Handlers will have bathed their therapy dogs sometime within 24 hours prior to visiting GPPL.
  5. GPPL staff members will set up a small HEPA air purifier nearby for the duration of the program and, at minimum, an hour afterward.