YA Book Review: The Devouring Gray

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Posted: May 30, 2019

Category: Staff Picks

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn HermanThe Devouring Gray, by Christine Lynn Herman is dark, magical, and completely gripping.

After the unexpected death of her sister, Violet Saunders and her mother move back to her mom’s hometown of Four Paths, New York. Violet soon discovers that she belongs to one of the town’s founding families, and that the town cowers in fear at the dangers lurking in the woods. When she meets teens from the other founding families, she learns the history of the town, and soon realizes that there really is something to be afraid of.

There is a beast that haunts the woods surrounding Four Paths, a beast that has been trapped in the Gray for centuries. But it’s bonds are loosening, and soon bodies start showing up in the woods. It’s up to the founding families to stop the beast from breaking free, but are the teens up to the challenge?

The Devouring Gray is shelved in the young adult fiction section.

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