Collins Writing Contest

A silhouetted man standing on the shoulder of an enormous robot directs a construction crane

33nd Annual Collins Writing Contest: The Bots

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Collins Writing Contest!

Grades 1-3
1st Place Cleansy the Cleaning Robot by Aiden Rochon
2nd Place The Magical Robot Adventure by Hannah Schroeder
3rd Place The Rumble McJumble by Brooke Baker
Honourable Mention The Attack of the Evil Robot Bananas by Jaydan Everett
Grades 4-6
1st Place Dreams by Denver Carruthers
2nd Place Dark Deceptions by Priya Pilat
3rd Place Blitz by Xander Rauch
Honourable Mention Linked by Eli Lefever
Honourable Mention Silence by Dylan Tyndall

Grades 7-9

1st Place Marionette by Hannah Wiens
2nd Place The Leg that Changed the Future by Kayla Burns
3rd Place Allaband Island by Faith Sweeney
Grades 10-12
1st Place Humanity by Anna Morris
2nd Place CAPTCHA by Tyson Black
3rd Place The Bots by Olivia Waldner
1st Place Quality Time by Tara Wiebe
2nd Place Electric Dreams by Judy J. Dettling
3rd Place Drone Wars™ by Teresa Wouters
Honourable Mention Anomaly of a System by Mikayla Jacques


2022 Collins Writing Contest

The Grande Prairie Public Library will announce the theme for our 34th annual Collins Writing Contest early this fall. Please keep an eye on this page and our social media channels for the announcement.

Contest Promo Videos

One of our staff members put together a series of promotional videos for the 2021 Collins Writing Contest featuring a red and blue robot getting into trouble. All the videos are available to view on this playlist on GPPL's YouTube channel:


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