Collins Writing Contest

Dark buildings with lit windows against a night sky

32nd Annual Collins Writing Contest: After Dark


August 25, 2020 Update

The 2020 Collins Writing Contest anthologies have arrived at GPPL. We have two copies available in our collections for borrowing, plus additional copies for sale at the Customer Service Desk.

Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Collins Writing Contest!

Grades 1-3

1st place: The Scratching by Beth Jaeger

2nd place: The Howling Club by Brooke Baker

3rd place: Cowtastrophy by Alexandre Breuls de Tiecken

Grades 4-6

1st place: The Corner Store by Cassidy Landon

2nd place: Orphan Hoarder by Ella Lesmeister

3rd place: Saved by the Sasquatch by Erin Baker

Honourable mention: Little Raccoon by Mason Drysdale

Grades 7-9

1st place: Fire Over Water by Fahtima Bushie

2nd place: Midnight Escape by Abbygaëlle Breuls de Tiecken

3rd place: The Blood Man by Eam Fox

Honourable mention: Pieces of Time by Nikayla Warner

Grades 10-12

1st place: Face to Face by Rachel Walker

2nd place: Unfamiliar After Dark by Tyra Meek

3rd place: Covered by Stained Ink by Kathleen Jaeger


1st place: What Comes After Dark? by Glenda Bailey

2nd place: When Nightmares Come by Mikayla Jacques

3rd place: A Night to Remember by Brandie Nellis


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's contest, and please keep an eye on this page and GPPL's social media channels for the announcement of our 2021 contest theme sometime this fall.



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