Children's Department rearranged

May 16, 2019

A few weeks ago, GPPL staff members rearranged the Children's Department. After taking a long look at our layout, we realized the old design was not meeting the needs of our users. The main aisle leading to the program rooms and washrooms was incredibly narrow, the study tables lacked natural light, and some paperback picture books and paperback easy non-fiction were shelved away from the rest of the materials in those collections.

So we made a plan and, from April 24-26, rearranged shelves and materials to better meet the needs of our users. If you haven't had a chance to visit upstairs since the changes, here are a few photos of the end result:

We moved our picture book shelves into three long rows, which allows for more space between them, particularly in the main aisle.

Shelves full of picture books

We moved our study tables and chairs into the sunny alcove where the juvenile paperback shelves used to be.

Tables in a sunny indoor area, surrounded by orange plastic chairs

We moved our juvenile paperback books and audiobook shelves into clusters where the study tables used to be.

Six-sided shelves arranged in clusters, filled with books

Finally, we have donated the moose table to another organization to make room for two smaller desks that will hold the Tumblebook iPad and one of our search computers. We have ordered the desks, and when they arrive we'll re-install the iPad and computer on them.

So if you haven't visited the Children's Department lately, please stop by -- we're quite happy with the changes!