Halloween Mystery Event

We’re planning something cool for Halloween this year and need your help! We’re looking for donations (and loans of larger items) to make something big, so if you have any decorations you don’t want anymore, or don’t plan to use this year, let us use them!

We're looking for:

Donations of gently used halloween decorations.


A loan of larger decorations you won't need this Halloween.

For any items you want to loan, please contact Charlotte directly at canderson@gppl.ca so we can ensure it gets returned to you. Anything you're donating and don't need back can be left at the Customer Services Desk at any time.

While we're excited to explore various donations, there are a few things we know for sure that we'll need:


Tension rod/bars

Sheets – white & black

Spider’s webs

Fake spiders (large and small)


Fishing wire


Fake hands

Styrofoam eggs (or plastic eggs)


Loan (or donate):


Strobe Light

Fog machine

Would you rather help us financially so we can buy items? Donate here - just tell us it's for Halloween in the notes.