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Help us buy more copies of eBooks and audiobooks on OverDrive! Every week we’ll feature a popular title that you can help sponsor.

June 18 to June 24: The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

OverDrive price: $18 for the eBook and $97.48 for the audiobook. Due to the fantastic price of the eBook, we'll commit to buying 3 copies in addition to whatever is raised.

June 25 to July 1: That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

OverDrive price: $56 for the eBook and $97 for the audiobook. 

How it works:

A donation ($5 minimum) will start the purchase of one copy of the eBook or audiobook. At the end of the week, we’ll buy as many copies of the book as possible using the donations. GPPL will make up the difference when purchasing copies, so if Sooley makes $100, we’ll cover $19.50 in order to buy both an audiobook and two eBooks.

eBook versus audiobook? We’ll default to the one with the highest need first, but you’re welcome to leave your preference in the message box. Don’t love this week’s title but still want to donate? Put “general” in the donation box and we’ll apply your donation towards other titles with long wait lists. We’re unable to promise specific titles at this time, but you can make suggestions for next week’s book title in the comments.

To donate:

Go to our Canada Helps page.

Enter your donation amount.

Set the fund to e-book sponsorship.

Leave a message (optional).

Payments can be made via credit card or PayPal.


Thanks to your sponsorship we were able to purchase:

The Soulmate Equation - 2 eBooks and 1 audiobook

Sooley - no donations