Sponsor Us!

Do you represent a local business or corporation looking for community sponsorship opportunities? Find out some of the projects and programs we’re currently seeking sponsors for. Each option helps the Grande Prairie Public Library offer services in support of the local community. All sponsorship opportunities will follow CRA guidelines for tax receipts. 

Donations of $500 or more get added to the Our Supporters page. To find out more about what we can offer in return for sponsorship for each opportunity, please contact Hailey McCullough, Director, at 780-357-7474 or hmccullough@gppl.ca.

Sponsoring Opportunities:

Library of Things & Tool Library | $500 minimum donation

The Library of Things is a collection of “things” ranging from sports equipment to technology to tools that can be borrowed from GPPL. It allows people to explore items before purchasing them, borrow things they may only need to use once, and access things as a community resource. Items donated by businesses will circulate with a sticker or tag thanking you for your donation.

Get your name out there:

Book Club in a Bag | $250 per bag, sponsor multiple bags for a discount

Please contact Sam King at sking@gppl.ca or 780-357-7468.

A Book Club in a Bag collection, easily allows patrons to check out a bag containing multiple copies of a book for their book clubs. Our objective with this new collection is creating connections through encouraging reading as a group activity and nurturing a sense of community through easily accessible titles. Each bag will contain 6 copies of a book title, with a goal of having at least 12 bags in the collection within the first year. The Book Club in a Bag collection is in a highly visible location, and each time the bag circulates it has an audience of 6 people, which is great visibility for you.

Comes with: Physical signage in a high traffic area. Your logo on the bag. Acknowledgment on GPPL's website and social media. A media release about your sponsorship of the program.

Binge Bags Collection | $6,000 donation

Our Binge Bag Collection features bags of items that are chosen to fit a genre or theme. Each bag contains 4-5 items with themes like Thrilling Horror, Romantic Beach Reads, and more. They’re switched out every 3-4 months for new themes. The Binge Bags are located next to our New Releases and are highly visible in the library.

Comes with: Your sponsorship on the bags. Each title in the bags will have a sticker stating your sponsorship. There will be a sign on the shelf next to the bags thanking you for your sponsorship. This opportunity is for a 12-month term.

Summer Reading Games | $15,000 donation for full sponsorship, $5,000 for just the Kick-Off Party, or a smaller amount for partial or shared sponsorship | April 1st Deadline [2024]

Please contact Bailey [Head of Children's & Teen Services] at brandolph@gppl.ca.

Sponsor our big Summer Reading Game in 2023! The Summer Reading Game is a summer-long event to promote reading over the summer months. We kick off the Summer Reading Game with a big party, and then continue to host multiple activities each week. Readers get prizes for their reading accomplishments as the summer progresses, ranging from eReaders to water bottles. While the Summer Reading Game is targeted at school-aged children, it is open to all ages. Your sponsorship will be used for the Children’s Summer Reading Game, Teen & Adult Summer Reading Game, the launch party, and events, activities, and programs held over the summer.

Full sponsorship comes with: A banner stating your sponsorship of the Summer Reading Games that remains up in the Library for the duration of the Games. Your logo on promotional materials sent out about the Summer Reading Games. Your logo on the t-shirts given to kids and staff. Your logo on any other promotional products and prizes we give out over the summer.

We will also send out a media release, thank you for your sponsorship in the News section of our website, and promote it in our eNewsletter and on our display TVs for the duration of the Games.

Creative Laptop Lab | $50,000 donation for 1-year term or $80,000 for 2-year term

Help us start a Creative Laptop Lab – 10 laptops, all with Adobe Creative Suite installed – to support learning opportunities for professionals, small business owners, and hobbyists. Class topics can range from creating effective marketing for small business owners to creating a podcast to digital photo editing.

Comes with: A sign stating your sponsorship on the front of the laptop cart. A sticker + desktop background image stating your sponsorship on each laptop. A mention of your sponsorship at each class using the Creative Laptop Lab. First opportunity to sponsor expansions of the project.

We will also send out a media release, thank you for your sponsorship in the News section of our website, and promote it for a month in our eNewsletter and on our display TVs.