2024 Collins Writing Contest - Memories

Collins Writing Contest

2024 Collins Writing Contest: Memories  -- CONTEST CLOSED

Thank you to everyone for submitting their stories, and a huge congratulations to this year's winners!

Grades 1-3

First:                            Best Friends: Tim and Bill by Fischer Holte

Second:                       Kali and Poppy’s Adventure by Norah Holte

Third:                          Lost in The Woods by Kolson McKenna


Grades 4-6

First:                            The Memory Keeper by Aiden Rochon

Second:                       The Gift by Devyn Wood

Third:                          The Lies of Life by Olivia Parr

Honourable Mention:    Old and New by Kinsey Hebert

Honourable Mention:    Restart by Hannah Schroeder


Grades 7-9

First:                            The Little Bug by Theodore Jantz

Second:                       A War Story by Easton Cowan

Third:                          Act 1 by Courtney Schamehorn


Grades 10-12

First:                            Room of Lethe by Maryam Nazndah

Second:                       Reading Back and Looking Forward by Abbygaëlle Breuls de Tiecken

Third:                          Mother by Isabelle Hallowes

Honourable Mention:    Night of Memories by Kadence Rose Scheller



First:                            Timeless Treasures by Sherrie Bouchard

Second:                       One Last Time by Peter Bailey

Third:                          Castle de Clare by Judy J. Dettling

Honourable Mention:    The Porcelain Cradle by Jewel Reilly

Honourable Mention:    1351 by Chelsey Malcom

Awards Ceremony

This year's Awards Ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 9th from 2:00pm - 3:00pm in the Rotary Community Room. All are welcome to attend!