Collins Writing Contest

34th Annual Collins Writing Contest: Beyond

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 Collins Writing Contest!

Grades 1-3

First: The Boy and the Dragon by Alexander Wong

Second: Robot Land by Hadassah Thiessen

Third: Eoin’s Adventures in the Beyond by Corbin Jones-Wilmot

Honourable Mention: The Boy and the Magic Bookworm by Wilson Cardwell

Honourable Mention: The Adventures of Zane by Sawyer Boychuk

Grades 4-6

First: Her Scars by Lily Healing

Second: A Distant Reality by Xander Rauch

Third: Border Wall by Kayla Mazurkewich

Honourable Mention: Beyond the Depths of the Earth by Darius Hawkes

Honourable Mention: All Because of War by Logan Driedger

Grades 7-9

First: The Hidden Winds by Sandi Buckley

Second: Beyond the Cave by Milana Zep

Third: In the Outside by Cassidy Landon

Grades 10-12

First: Sandstorm by Max Schenck

Second: Heightened Mind by Luhita Sharma

Third: The Pull of the Beyond by Iva Henheffer

Honourable Mention: Beyond the Canvas by Katheryn Larson


First: Voyage to the Corallax System by Richard William Larson

Second: The Choice by Glenda Bailey

Third: Company by Kara Friesen

Honourable Mention: The Mysterious Egg by Chelsea Shortall

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