Cantook Station: Getting Started

The Read Alberta iniative is a project where Alberta libraries have partnered with Alberta publishers in order to make over 1,000 locally published eBooks available to readers across the province. This is hosted on a platform called Cantook Station.

Getting Started with Cantook Station

Step 1: Use your web browser to sign into Cantook Station using your library card number and PIN to sign in.

Step 2: If you are a computer user, you will need to download the Adobe Digital Editions program we use for OverDrive. Make sure to "authorize" the program by creating a login and signing in.  You can find this in the "help" menu in the Adobe Digital Editions program.

If you are an App user, you will need to download an App that allows Adobe Registration.  If you are an OverDrive App user, feel free to simply use the OverDrive App to open the eBooks. If you are not an OverDrive App user, Cantook Station offers other free app options to read their material.

Step 3: Finding an item is easy.  Use the link from Step 1 to browse or search.  If you click on the "Catalogue" link, you can see all the books in the collection and filter it from there.  Or search by author, title, keyword, etc. 

Step 4: Click the "borrow" button to borrow an item. There's no limit on how many people can take out each item at once. Make sure to download the item within 24 hours after borrowing it, or it'll be returned to the collection.  The eBook is checked out to you for 21 days and returns itself.

Downloading an item will open it in either Adobe Digital Editions or the App from Step 2. Congratulations, you can now read your Read Alberta eBook. On a computer, you will now be able to transfer the item to an eReader if you wish.

For more detailed instructions, please check Cantook Station Help or contact GPPL.