Winners 2000s

collins 2000

2000 The Dance of Time: 

Grades 1 - 3

First: Project X-Ray by Richard Larson

Second: Knight of the Night by Cory Bosse

Third: Mark, Elizabeth and Sarah by Karlee Parentau 

Grades 4 - 6 

First: The Way Through the Forest by Megan Larson

Second: Lost by Paul Gurney

Third: The Quest for the Cushion by Kathryn Stone

Grades 7 - 9 

First: Behind Enemy Lines by Tara Schwemler

Second: Barbarossa: A Children’s Story by Heather Larson

Grades 10 - 12

First: Saving the Enemy by Ashley Goff

Second: Alabama Settlers by Carla Sharp


First: Added Entry by Sharon Nuttycombe

Second: Destination by D. Whipple

Third: The Squire’s Tournament by Judy J. Dettling 

collins 2001

2001 - A Poet's Odyssey

Grades 1 - 3 

First: Cats by Meagan Seely

Second: Canada by Amelia Rigler

Third: My Dog is Wearing Lipstick! by Molly MacLennan

Honourable Mention: Canada by Quinn Cunningham

Honourable Mention: Canada by Kaitlynn Hoffman

Grades 4 - 6 

First: Seasons by Patty Sparrow

Second (Tie): My Dog Caramel by Conrad Cook

Second (Tie): Gone Too Far!!! by Courtney Nelson

Third (Tie): Where My Poems Hide by Brie-Anna Dykstra

Third (Tie): Wonder by Alexandra M. Romancewiez

Honourable Mention: A Perfect Day by Marina Joseph

Honourable Mention: Have You Ever Seen… by Carissa Millwater

Grades 7 - 9 

First: Hurricane by Melanie Wozencroft

Second: Faithful Reflections by Katrina Webster

Third: If I Were a Brownie by David Bulford

Honourable Mention: Darkness in the Light by Kelsey Neumann

Honourable Mention: When I Was Five by Cary-Ann Sallows

Grades 10 - 12 

First: This Future Hall of Famer by Jodi Lalonde 

Second: Pathways by Ashley Goff

Third: The Moon by Shawna Hayes

Honourable Mention: Library by Mariyam Rizvi

Honourable Mention: Mission: Abort by Tara Schwemler 


First: Courage by Dianne L. Pelland

Second: Sock Monster by Julie Johnson

Third (Tie): A Teacher’s Reflection by Gwen Rochon

Third (Tie): Jacob’s Sons by Linda Smith

Honourable Mention: Carbon Dated by Catherine McLaughlin

Honourable Mention: Adios by Arthur Patterson

Honourable Mention: My Dog by Terry Scerbak

collins 2002

2002 - Our World, Our Neighborhood

Grades 1 - 3

First: Old Friends and New Friends by Fiona Farynowski

Second: Stars by Eden Roberts

Third: The Cleaning Snowmen by Aisia Roberts

Grades 4 - 6

First: Antje by Richard Larson

Second: Miss Perfect and the Big Mathathon by Sylvie Richard

Third: Journey to Switzerland by Marina Joseph

Honourable Mention: How the War Was Won by Dashiell Dronyk

Grades 7 - 9

First: Barawo (Thief) by Megan Larson

Second: That One Dreadful Night by Amanda Brooks

Third: Ching by Anthony Cook

Grades 10 - 12

First: The Teddy Bear by Ashley Goff

Second: Across the Elbe by Heather Larson

Third: The Prisoner by Sarah Hartford

Honourable Mention: Amara and Calla: Eternal Scream by Tara Schwemler


First: One Good Turn by Terry Scerbak

Second: Feisel and I by Linda Smith

Third: Saara's Story by Wyn Turner

collins 2003

2003 - Musical Endeavours

Grades 1 - 3

First: My Piano and I by Alexis Wolfe

Second: When I Am Seventeen by Michael Moon

Third: Spider Music by Jessa Houchin 

Honourable Mention: Musical Chicken Pox by Keandra Mundy

Honourable Mention: Singing Leprechaun by Tatianna Ducklow

Grades 4 - 6

First: Whispers by Susanne Walker

Second (Tie): A Walk Through the Forest by Stefan Nasedkin

Second (Tie): The Sound of Music by Nicole Meurs

Third  (Tie): What is Music by April Fogle

Third (Tie): In My Mom's Heart Beat by Cassidy LeBrier

Honourable Mention: Recital by Charles Grosset

Honourable Mention: The Flutist by Tyler Paetkau

Honourable Mention: Pianist by Conrad Cook

Honourable Mention: The Music of Light by Richard Larson

Grades 7 - 9

First: Weary of Theory by Megan Larson

Second: Music of the Shadow by Kevin Waldie

Third: The Piano Lure by Cassie Chabot

Honourable Mention: Poetry by Sound by Mandy Cardinal

Honourable Mention: The Recital by Sylvie Richard

Grades 10 - 12

First: Mine Unheard by Erinn Watson

Second: No Talent by Owen Leighton

Third: Language of the Soul by Jordan Hauger

Honourable Mention: Music of the Heart by Valerie Wiebe

Honourable Mention: Musical Endeavors by Katie Stickney

Honourable Mention: Musical Energy by Kelby Atkinson


First: Birthright by Catherine McLaughlin

Second: A Symphony of Sound by S. J. Cox

Third: A Mother's Pride by Tia Stanway

Honourable Mention: O’Canada by Patricia Schneider

Honourable Mention: Nature’s Symphony by Judy Dettling

Honourable Mention: Also Sprach Zarathustra by Linda Smith

collins 2004

2004 - Birthdays

Grades 1 - 3

First: The Purple Penguin Party by Keandra Mundy

Second: The Princess and the Orphan by Tatianna Ducklow

Third: Lavender's Exciting Birthday by Alexis Kendall

Honourable Mention: Birthday on the Edson Trail by David Isherwood

Honourable Mention: The Best Birthday Gift Ever by Maria Walker

Grades 4 - 6

First: Birthday Memories by Allison Brown

Second: Valentine's Birth-day by Kirsten Isherwood

Third: Friendship in a Bottle by Jenessa Johnson

Honourable Mention: Tree House Tragedy by Neil Hudak

Honourable Mention: Grandma's House by Holly Williams

Honourable Mention: She Gave Me a Chance by Michelle Thibeault

Honourable Mention: Cloud's Birthday by Gisela Ries

Grades 7 - 9

First: Cole by Dashiell Dronyk

Second: Ride With the Wind by Courtney Loberg

Third: Wrong Number by Meghan Edgerton

Honourable Mention: Birthday Girl by Ashlin McGovern

Grades 10 - 12

First: Out of the Flames by Carly Termeer

Second: Dust by Megan Larson

Third: Chester by Nick Kovacs

Honourable Mention: A Celebration of Sorts by Tara Campeau


First: Remnants by Judy J. Dettling

Second: One Old Cat by Rhonda Seward

Third: Next Time, Let's Go Dancing by Shannon Podruzny

Honourable Mention: Annie by Charis Crandall

Honourable Mention: Starting Over by Liz Good-Gerow

Honourable Mention: Angel Food by Deanna Kent-McDonald

collins 2005

2005 - A Vision of the Future

Grades 1 - 3 

First: Little Amanda by Caitlin Dawson

Second: About a Boy by Jessie Macdonald

Third: Julie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day by Juel Bundy

Honorable Mention: My Vision by Daylen Lafleur

Honorable Mention: In the Future by Angelika Cormier

Grades 4 - 6 

First: Destiny by Daniel Fonkalsrud

Second: Door to the Future by Megan Cherwak

Third: The Solar Chef by Alexander von Tiesenhausen

Honorable Mention: The Walker Family by Eilee Repka

Honorable Mention: Life Must Go On by Christopher Wiebe

Grades 7 - 9

First: 2084 by Richard Larson

Second: Where the Earth Meets the Sky by Courtney Loberg

Third: The Defense of New Calgary by Magnus von Tiesenhausen

Grades 10 - 12

First: A Future? by Megan Larson

Second (Tie): When Dogs Fly by Katie Hein

Second (Tie): Gone by Jordan Volker

Third: Future Perfect by Pat Reilly

Honorable Mention: Weirder Things Have Happened by Bethany Goertzen 


First: Emigration by Linda Smith

Second: Hands by Karen Bass

Third: Star-struck by Denton Froese

collins 2006

2006 - Sports

Grades 1 - 3

First: The Boy Who Loved Dance by Analise Lahers

Second: The Soccer Dream by Katie Martin

Third: The Big Race by Cody Handy

Grades 4 - 6  

First: The Best Time Ever by Daykota Skea

Second: She Needed It Most by Amy Morrison

Third: The Crippled Little Girl by Katherine Pernal 

Honourable Mention: Letter to Mom by Andrew Wutke

Honourable Mention: The Mutant Soccer Ball by Alastair MacDonald

Honourable Mention: Bug Hopscotch by Sherese Binks

Grades 7 - 9 

First: Let's Run by Suzanne Walker

Second: Trapped! by Breanne Biegel

Third: Eat My Dust! by Chris Wiebe

Honourable Mention: Timothy and the Horse-Back Riding Lesson by Kylie Bain

Grades 10 - 12

First: New Beginnings and Last Chances by Lida Hellquist

Second: A Matter of Honour by Courtney Loberg

Third: Mixing Tears With Sweat by Hillary Johnstone


First: Ski Dreams by Karen Bass

Second: With Deference to Andy by Rhonda Seward

Third: So Let’s Root, Toot, Root for the Home Team by Dymphny Dronyk,

Honourable Mention: Spaghetti and Baseballs by Judy J. Dettling

Honourable Mention: The Prize by Linda Smith

collins 2007

2007 - Dreams 

Grades 1 - 3

First: Tina’s Dream Come True by Serena Houle

Second: The World has Gone Chocolate by Ryan Verburg

Third: An Amazing Adventure in Hawaii by Tenyson D’Onofrio

Grades 4 - 6

First: The Monster by Maryke Dronyk

Second: The Dream by Amanda Samuelson

Third: Cloud Watcher by Katherine Pernal

Honourable Mention: Dragon by Jonathan Mulligan

Grades 7 - 9

First: Present History by Bryanne Friesen

Second: The Sexsmith Turkey by Nikol Robbins

Third: A Warrior Emerges by Alastair MacDonald

Honourable Mention: Mark and the Dreamland by Alex von Tiesenhausen

Honourable Mention: A Memory of Love by Danica Friesen 

Grades 10 - 12

First: Selection by Richard Larson

Second: And This Is Where We All Fall Down by Courtney Loberg

Third: Oracle by Magnus von Tiesenhausen


First: Piano Dreams by Dymphny Dronyk

Second: Last Chance by Linda Smith

Third: The Red Moccasin by Teresa J. Walters

Honourable Mention: Trail of Dreams by Darrys Sarkonak

Honourable Mention: The Weight of Her Dreams by Karen Bass

Honourable Mention: A Mother’s Footprints by Judy J. Dettling

collins 2008

2008 - Travel

Grades 1 - 3

First: What Happened to the Pie! by Alexander Rode

Second: My Friend: Las Vegas by Ryan Verburg

Third: The Surprise Trip by Abbie Paul

Honourable Mention: One Night by Cidney Lagace   

Grades 4 - 6

First: True Friends in the End by Sarah Jones

Second: Journey to Hamilton by Jesse Christopherson

Third: Kids at Kidwelly by Keaton Winnicky-Lewis

Grades 7 - 9

First: A Traveler’s Tale by Simone Ouellette Zuk

Second: A Trip in Time by Danica Friesen

Third: The Tunnel to Tarren by Alastair Macdonald

Honourable Mention: Amber Alert by Marissa Trarback

Honourable Mention: Time for Lime Sherbet by Katherine Pernal

Grades 10 - 12

First: Crossing by Richard Larson

Second: The Wagon Trail by Bryanne Friesen

Third: Pretzels on a Plane by Donovan Eckstrom

Honourable Mention: Wheelchair Kung-fu by Jessica Pigeau

Honourable Mention: Mexico to British Honduras by Tina Klassen


First: Forever Sky by Karen Bass

Second: The Logic of Irene by Judy J. Dettling

Third: Non Donkey Travel by Jim Biggs

Honourable Mention: Shades of Green by Christina Nelson

Honourable Mention: The Travel Itch by Amie Nash

collins 2009

2009 - Winning and Losing 

Grades 1 - 3

First: Friends by Kaitlyn Clarke

Second: Race to Friendship by Abigail Paul

Third: Moose vs. Hare by Darren Head

Grades 4 - 6

First: How to Lose a Tooth by Nicole Pernal

Second: Win or Lose Las Vegas by Ryan Verburg

Third: Running the Race by Jerome Goertzen

Honourable Mention: Winning Friendship by Keaton Winnicky-Lewis

Grades 7 - 9

First: The Mystery of Arnold Silverman by Alastair Macdonald 

Second: The Fortress of Flame by Jesse Christopherson 

Third: More than Winning by Rachel Rode

Honourable Mention: Life Changes on the Iditarod  by Sarah Jones

Grades 10 - 12

First: Fight of Memories by Zach Kephart

Second: Maestro by Magnus Von Tiesenhausen 

Third: Whenever You’re Winning, Someone is Losing by Richard Larson 


First: Starting Over by Liz Good-Gerow 

Second: Strangers and Angels by Judy J. Dettling 

Third: Pictures by Barb Warner

Honourable Mention: Beneath the Surface by Jason Taylor