Tool Library

Love our Library of Things? Then you'll be thrilled about our Tool Library!

Photo of a selection of several hand tools.

Check the gallery to find out what tools are in the Tool Library.

We've expanded the Library of Things! To keep providing useful items to the people of Grande Prairie we reached out to our community, and they responded by donating items and helping us build the Tool Library!

Why a Tool Library?

Imagine you had planned out the perfect DIY project, but the cost of the tools was higher than the cost of the materials themselves. How many times will you use these tools afterwards? Once a year? Some of them maybe never?

We want to help provide access to tools to those who might not normally have it, the same way we do with everything in the library. It just makes sense!

What do I need to know?

For the time being tools will only be available for borrowing to patrons 18 or older.

Signing a liability waiver will be required to borrow.

7 day borrowing period.

Note: Items from our Library of Things can only be checked out from and returned to GPPL.

Please see our full list of items available for borrowing below:

Tool Bag : Tool bag includes: 27' tape measure marker, graphite, 9" magnetic level, utility knife, 8oz claw hammer, 8" long nose pliers, 8" or 14" pipe wrench, 7" locking pliers, 10" adjustable wrench, 7-piece ball drive hex keys, 50-piece ratchet bit & socket set. Tool bag contents may vary.

3 lb. Hammer : Perfectly balanced to deliver powerful blows with an easy swing.

Carpenter Square : 24-inch steel carpenter square. Features embossed measurements on both sides, and reverse reading scales for efficient measuring and marking.

Chalk Line : Features 100 feet of line and holds up to 4 ounces of chalk, with a locking button to hold string in place.

Circular Saw : Circular saw includes 7 1/4" (18.5cm) 24-tooth general purpose carbide-tipped saw blade. Powerful 5500 RPM motor to cut through tough materials, 0-52 degree bevel guage with a quick stop at 45 degrees, and a built-in LED work light.

Claw Hammer : Fiberglass core adds strength and durability in the handle, reducing vibrations and provides the feel of wood.

Deadblow Mallet :  1-1/2 lb. mallet gives no bounce when object is struck and will not mar surface.

Digital Multimeter : This tester is designed to work on most household appliances and is equipped with an easy-to-read 3.5” digital display and three testing functions: AC Voltage to 500V, DC Voltage to 600V and Resistance to 2 meg Ohms.

Drill : Compact and lightweight for easy handling with forward/reverse switch, lock-on button, belt clip. and chuck key with holder.

Driver Drill Kit : Produces 300 in/lbs of torque to power through the toughest jobs, keyless chuck allows quick and easy bit changes, 2-speed transmission for 400 or 1200 RPM, with a belt hook bit holder.

Fast Cutting Hand Saw: 15-inch black fast-cutting hand saw with cardboard cover. This saw offers fast cuts on both push and pull strokes. Features 9 points per inch for fast and efficient cuts with precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth and a molded handle providing a firm, comfortable grip. Back of saw can be used to mark 45- and 90-degree angles.

Flooring Knife: An essential addition to flooring project, this linoleum knife has short-point design with a blade thickness of 0.05" (1.27 mm). Cuts linoleum, carpet, drywall, and other industrial material.

Hand Saw : 22-inch black/yellow hand saw. Thick, ergonomically designed grip helps reduce slipping and adds comfort during strenuous jobs.

Household Electrical Tester Kit : Household electrical tester kit includes: 1 voltage sensor, 1 circuit analyzer, 1 battery tester, 1 USB tester, instructions, in hangup bag. Tests voltage, GFCI receptacles, batteries and USB ports. Easy to understand audible and visual indicators.

Jigsaw : This 4-amp variable speed jigsaw provides ample power to cut through wood or metal. Features a speed control wheel to easily set the speed to suit the job, a quick-release blade change and a beveling function on the sole plate allows for angle cutting up to 45 degrees. For your safety it features a chip guard to protect user from flying debris, a switch with lock-on for continuous operation and it's 3 position pendulum allows for faster cutting, reduces jamming and extends the blade lift.

Level : 24-inch black/yellow level. Designed with large 12mm tubular plumb vials for accuracy, and shock-absorbing end caps for increased durability.

Magnetic Stud Finder : Pocket-sized stud finder uses 2 earth magnets to locate nails, screws and metal studs behind walls.

Miter Saw : 10 amp sliding miter saw can make angled cuts up to 45 degrees on boards up to 6 inches wide, and has a max RPM of 5350. Also features an LED cutline indicator that illuminates the workspace and makes for easier cuts.

Orbital Jigsaw : Features a variable speed range of 0-3000 SPM to match the speed of the job, 4-position selection lever, tool-free one-handed blade changes, and a built-in LED work light.

Outdoor Extension Cord : 50 foot outdoor extension cord in cardboard case. Features PowerLite indicator plug that glows when cord has power.

Pressure Washer: In addition to its powerful stance and tangle free hose, this responsive pressure washer features smart flow of water pressure sensing technology, assuring you of the perfect amount of pressure delivery right when you need it. Brushless motor technology provides added torque for extra tenacity. Includes surface cleaner and soap applicator.

Putty Knives : Perfect for many projects, including drywall, putty, decals, wallpaper, plaster, spackling, patching, painting, stucco and much more.

Scraper : Paint scraper features 2 1-1/2 inch blades with an ergonomic, non-slip textured handle for comfort and ease of use.

Step Ladder : Features non-conductive fiberglass rails for working near electricity, a multi-functional top that secures tools in place, external pinch-resistant spreaders, and slip-resistant steps. Weight capacity up to 250 lbs. (113.3 kg).

StudSensor Edge  : Features a user-friendly interface SpotLite® Pointing System which shines a bright arrow-shaped beam on the wall to clearly identify the edge of the target. Requires 1 9-Volt battery, not included.